4.2.8 Darwin and Dunya (Supplemental)

Entrada formation, Utah. By Steve Jurvetson, 2014.

In this open source article from the Journal of International and Global Studies, published in June of 2018, Professor Daniel Varisco describes how news of Darwin’s theory was received in majority Muslim locations. Professor Varisco then traces the dominant current perceptions of evolution in Muslim communities.

Read: Darwin and Dunya: Muslim Responses to Darwinian Evolution // Journal of International and Global Studies


Guiding Questions:

  1. How did news of Darwin (and Wallace’s) evolutionary theory reach Muslim communities?
  2. What does the author argue the role of education is in increasing, or decreasing, support for the theory of evolution?
  3. Reflect on the resources presented in this section and in learning material 3.4.1 on metaphysics. Is the theory of evolution atheistic, or merely agnostic?
  4. How does Dr. Rana Dajani argue, in 4.2.4, that evolution is in fact suggestive of divine guidance? What 19th century Syrian scholar also argues for “theistic evolution?”
  5. Whether or not biological evolution represents and promotes “materialism” is a central concern for Muslims scholars, according to this academic article. Recall learning material 3.4.5, on Islamic metaphysics. Why is materialism in evolution such a concern?

Thumbnail: “Early Human Settlement, 8,300 years ago. Entrada Formation,” Utah. Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson, 2014. CC BY 2.0.