4.1.4 The Standard Model

The theories and discoveries of thousands of physicists since the 1930s have resulted in a remarkable insight into the fundamental structure of matter: everything in the universe is found to be made from a few basic building blocks called fundamental particles, governed by four fundamental forces (CERN).


Read: The Standard Model // CERN

Guiding Questions:

  1. Recall learning material 3.2.5, on science and non-science. What elements of a scientific theory, or in Dr. Barseghyan’s words, what “contemporary demarcation criteria,” are described in this article? Are there any criteria about which you would want more information before feeling certain that the standard model is a scientific, and not pseudoscientific, theory?
  2. Is our knowledge of our contemporary physics model complete?

Thumbnail: LS2 Dismac project 1360 openings finished in LHC sector 1-2. Photo Credit: CERN 2019-2020.