2.3.1 Reimagining Tradition

How should we think about tradition? Madrasa Discourses Principal Investigator and Professor of Islamic Studies Ebrahim Moosa proposes that tradition must be dynamic. This video was produced by Notre Dame’s Office of Digital Learning.


Guided Questions:
  1. What does it mean for tradition to be dynamic and “living”?
  2. How did Ghazali approach the sunnah? How does he reconcile innovations with the tradition?
  3. How can tradition be seen as a rope? What are the individual fibers?


Thumbnail: “A medallion showing calligraphy Allah Jalla Jalaluhu (notice the overlaid words Jalla and Jalaluhu) in Hagia Sophia, İstanbul. One of the gigantic medallions installed during restoration under Sultan Abdülmecid during 1847 to 1849.” Photo Credit: Adam Kliczek, http://zatrzymujeczas.pl. CC-BY-SA-3.0.