Science is not a steady accumulation of linear knowledge, but rather an ever evolving series of observations and discoveries about the universe that develop into theories. After sufficient incongruent data, such as the problems of elliptical planetary motion for geocentric astronomy, old theories are discredited and left behind as a more precise theory rises forth.

What changes in the scientific mosaic have occurred over time? What was the scientific consensus at the time of revelation? Is this reflected in scripture? This section presents the scholarly community’s theories of the natural world at multiple points in history, and invites us to question whether changes in the contemporary scientific consensus affect our reading of theology. This final question will be addressed in more detail in module 4, with a discussion of the “big bang,” evolutionary biology, and climate change.

Key Terms:

  • Scientific mosaic
  • Scientific Revolution

Thumbnail: Pierre and Marie Curie in their Paris laboratory, before 1907. Wikimedia Commons. Public domain.

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