1.3.6 The Reliability of Historical Science


Each of these three types of science can make new discoveries that are then tested by the other types of science. These different styles of investigation reinforce and correct each other, leading to a better understanding of the natural world and its history” (Biologos, 2017).

How do historical ways of knowing relate to other sciences? Is science more than a body of knowledge? This web article discusses experimental, observational, and historical science and attempts to reconcile science as a toolkit and as a process to understand God’s creation.

Read: The Reliability of Historical Science // BioLogos

Guiding Questions:

  1. How does historical science differ from observational science?
  2. In what circumstances is it necessary to use observational science rather than experimental?
  3. What are the commonalities amongst experimental, observational, and historical science?
  4. Why are all three methods necessary?

Thumbnail: “Silversea Silver Explorer.” Photo Credit: Roderick Eime.  CC BY 2.0.